Engia interim management & external Engineers

Engia provides independent interim managers & external engineers with a fresh look at your organization or project. We have an objective view of what is best for your business & project and we are able to contribute honestly without being seen as a threat to the incumbent management teams or other Engineers. Experience has taught us that our Interim Managers & Engineers are very welcome, especially when it becomes clear that they are not a threat, but are there to help achieve specific goals. We have the credibility to bring about change and transitions quickly and to support projects in the right way.


Our Professional Interim Managers & Engineers are talented, results-oriented individuals who are committed to driving change and making a difference. Engia is only using interim managers & external Engineers with years of experience that is relevant to your situation.

We select these managers from our network of experienced experts, all of whom have often mastered similar projects at the time of their careers and who are generally overqualified for the task at hand and who doesn’t  need any further training and you also avoid bureaucratic administration connected to the employment contract.

This allows us to reliably master the assignments we take on, be it line, project or program tasks, with individual managers or small teams & Engineers

Our extern interim managers & external engineers work for the automotive industry all over Europe, so you can request an engineer for yourself wherever you are located.

Permanent presence of technically trained engineers

A guarantee of satisfaction is the first-class service of our experienced developers Lead Engineer, PMST Leader, Quality Manager.

Preventive measures against the occurrence of defects

We are in a place every day. We directly participate in component quality control, we personally supervise the progress of the project, and we ensure the contact with the responsible people in order to avoid any mistakes in time.

Professional components state supervision

The technical side and quality is ensured thanks to handheld 3D scanners, our own testing laboratory for materials and welding, the CMM Metrology Laboratory, and many other measuring devices and trained experts.

Protection of supplier and producer finances

The aim is to improve the business name of the client, to objectively improve the quality of all parts of the project and above all, to create a working relationship between our client and his customer.